Membership Application/Renewal for the 2017/2018 Season

The membership year is 1st December until 30th November the following year


Application for membership  ¨                     or                     Renewal  ¨    


1st member       

Title:  Mr Mrs etc. ­___________   First name:  __________________


Surname:   _________________________________________________________       


Address:     ____________________________________________________________





____________________________________________Post code___________________


Tel. no. ___________________________  Mobile no. * _________________________


Email * ________________________________________________________________

(* Please complete these items if you are happy to be contacted in this way).


If applying for or renewing Family Membership please add other names here and/or overleaf


2nd member

Title:  Mr Mrs etc. ­___________   First name:  __________________


Surname:   _________________________________________________________                       



Subscription rates Single ¨ £25    or  Family ¨ £35 Family rate covers 1 or 2 adults & any under 18s at the same address



Signature ____________________________________     Date: ­­­­­­___________________________



Membership fee of £ _______        by Cash  ¨           or Cheque ¨*    or Internet Banking/BACS ¨§

*Cheques payable to Henley Offshore Group   

§ Internet banking/BACS to NatWest Henley 60-10-35  A/c 13010050 Use your surname as reference & email membership@henleyoffshore.org to advise amount and date of remittance


New members joining before the end of February pay the full membership fee less any Visitor’s Fee paid after 1st Dec.

New members joining after 1st March pay half the annual subscription.



Are you a boat owner? YES ¨     NO ¨


Boat name ______________________  Boat Type ________________________  Moored at ________________­­­­__


Looking for crew?  YES¨     NO ¨  How many berths?  ________


Willing to crew?     YES¨   NO¨  Qualifications/experience? ___________________________________


Membership List

The membership list will be made up from the details given above. If you wish to withhold any details from other members, please contact the Membership Secretary.   Members’ details will only be issued to members of Henley Offshore Group.


Please return this form to the Membership Secretary, Peter Rendell

email membership@henleyoffshore.org or bring it to the next Club Meeting